Splendidly in trot on the Drenthe meadow

Stable your horse in our horse pension and enjoy a wonderful time with your horse. You are very welcome at Stal Zwartschaap!

horse pension

Pension storage Stal Zwartschaap

Stal Zwartschaap offers next to apartment rentals pension storage.

Our stables are cleaned daily, the horses are put inside and outside and fed. In short, we offer the daily care, so that you, as the owner, do not have to worry about it and can quietly pursue your hobby at the time of your choice. Check here the facilities and rates of Paardenpension Stal Zwartschaap.

Even if you go on holiday/bent or can’t come for a while due to other circumstances, we will take care of your horse.

You and your horse are very welcome at Stal Zwartschaap!


On vacation with horse
Stal Zwartschaap Horse group
Stal Zwartschaap Brushing Horse
Stal Zwartschaap Brushing Horse
Stal Zwartschaap Brushing Horse
Horsepension Stal Zwartschaap


Isn’t it essential that your horse is in the stable? We also offer only grazing, both summer and winter. If you have any questions after viewing the website or if you would like to pay us a visit, please feel free to contact us.

Storage per day/night (e.g. in case of bad weather): € 12,50

Winter rate

Paard € 270,50
E-Pony € 255,
Pony € 232,50


Summer rate

Paard € 157,50
E-Pony € 149,-
Pony € 135,-


Stal Zwartschaap Sadle Horse
included in the price



And in the summer there is plenty of grass, where the horses can graze.

Paddocks in winter

In winter the horses are in a spacious dry paddock.

Own saddle locker

Your belongings safe and securely under lock and key.

Spacious and Quiet

Horses are assigned to the most suitable group and put in and out every day.

Wash place

There is a wash place with hot water.

enjoy driving through the forest

We would like to welcome you to Stal Zwartschaap.

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